Sep 4, 2010

Halloween Horror Nights XX

As may or may-not know, Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights is just about to kick off with it's 20th year. Showcasing all new houses and scare-zones, HHN is ready for it's next generation of scares and it's gonna kick off with a bang. If you're in Cali or Florida from Sept. 26th to Nov 2nd, there's no reason why you should miss this adrenaline-pumping event.. not even if your house catches fire and you die. Hit up a supermarket or BK for a promo voucher on Coke items that'll get you $30 of a one-night ticket.. or go pro like me and get the fear pass, giving you 14+ nights for the price of one. Too scary for you? Believe it or not, the sole purpose of hhn is to actually scare you.  Surprising, I know.

Well, I Hope you guys can make it. See you there :x

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