Oct 12, 2010

App-Inventing 101

NO LONGER does the Newb have to sit back and use other people's apps.  
NO LONGER does one have to spend endless hours learning javascript and html!
NO LONGER are Developers in control of the application world!!!

Why? Google has released their new, easy to use, visual-based app creator for android. This browser based app creator simplifies the hardest of scripting, substituting it with an easy drag and drop interface that even the newbiest newb can work. But.. don't get too excited just yet. It's only in its beta stage, and unless you're totally desperate to develop, I would wait until it's official release in the future. However, you can get accepted to test the beta pretty soon. Relocate your browser to here and sign up. It's that easy ;)


  1. wow sounds really awesome gotta love the simple programs like this unfortunately it's for the android, i have an iPhone ;(

  2. this should prove interesting. I love visual editors like this.